Goodbye, hibou photo. Hello, Kandise Brown.

This is a blog post 9 months in the making.

Last fall in one of my meetings with Tonya she asked about my business name, and why I chose it. I chose it because I wanted to do something different; something memorable. I wanted to be unique. And of course, I love owls. But, at its core, I chose the name because I was afraid. Afraid of failure, afraid of embarrassment. I wasn’t brought up to be an artist, and I was convinced that everyone would discover that I was a fraud; that I couldn’t really be a photographer. I gave my business a different name so that at least if it failed I wouldn’t have to live with the shame forever.

Three years ago when I started my business, I could never imagine ending up where I am today – doing photography full-time, with a business that is growing steadily, taking me to new places and into the lives and homes of some seriously amazing people. As my business has grown and changed, so have I. I’ve grown confidence in myself, in my work, and I’ve grown out of this name. I know now that what makes me different or unique is not liking owls – let’s face it, that’s downright trendy – it’s being myself. That’s why today, I’m shutting down “hibou photo” forever.

That conversation all those months ago was the first time I admitted out loud to anyone that I no longer liked my business name… and once I finally admitted it, I couldn’t believe how awkward it felt to be putting a different name on ME. I decided to make a change, and suddenly everything felt right again. I worked with some wonderful designers – Julie Green, of Up Up Creative, and Liz & Jeff from Super Runaway – to create this new look, which is 100% me. The last few months have been a flurry of behind the scenes work, and I’ve been out of my mind with excitement to launch these changes. I’m so glad that today I finally get to share them.

My photography is me. It’s my sense of humour, it’s my vision, it’s the way I connect with my clients. With you. And from now on, my photography business is me.

I plan to post a little bit about the design process and all the work that went into my new website and logo in the upcoming days, but for now I would love it if you just checked things out and let me know what you think!

There’s one last thing though. Changing your business name isn’t usually good for business… especially when your name is spelled as uniquely as mine. So I need your help. The next time someone is talking to you about needing a photographer? Please direct them to I’d really appreciate it.