In Front of the Camera | Canadian Wedding Photographer Kandise Brown

I hate being in front of the camera as much as any of you. I’ve been professionally photographed twice, but both times were with AG; solo finds me standing around saying “I’m not sure what to do with my hands?!” (You’d think that being able to tell other people what to do would translate to knowing what to do myself, but it really doesn’t). Not only is it awkward, I have the added pain of culling and editing my own images, and getting to see all those unfortunate “in between” shots with the blinks, mid-sentence, mouth contortions, and general misfortune that my clients don’t get to see. Fortunately AG is very patient with me, and willing to suffer through many forced retakes to get the shot. I needed some updated head shots for my new brand, and here they are.

Kandise Brown - Fredericton Wedding Photographer

Yeah, I am the opposite of fierce.

Kandise Brown - New Brunswick Wedding Photographer

That’s just how my hair looks, okay?