Downtown Fredericton’s 2012 Shopping & Dining Guide

Recently I had the pleasure of doing the photography for Downtown Fredericton’s Shopping & Dining Guide!

Although I live (and love, hurr) downtown, I’m not sure that I was the natural choice for this – after all, guides like this are usually stodgy fests of stock photography. But not anymore! Lucky for me, Shasta (manager of Downtown Fredericton, Inc.) had a clear vision of a guide with life and joy; a guide that really reflects the personalities and the possibilities you might encounter downtown. After hearing that, I was really happy to be involved, and now I’m even happier seeing the final product and how successful it was at meeting that goal.

It’s nice to be reminded of how many fantastic things we have at our fingertips downtown. Have a look, and be sure to pick up a guide… ah, wherever fine guides are found.