A Perfect Weekend | Fredericton Photographer Kandise Brown

My wedding season has started off beautifully. Suzanne & Peter’s wedding on Friday was wonderful, intimate, and fun – and the thunderstorms held off long enough for me to get home. Success!

The added bonus of a Friday wedding is that it affords the luxury of something that comes increasingly rarely – a summer weekend off! I took full advantage of having two full days off with AG, and I think we really made the most of it. A 16 km bike ride. A trip to the farmer’s market. The Cultural Expressions Festival. A night in with friends. Brave. Finally finishing Series 1 of Doctor Who. Sleeping in.

When the guilt comes, it comes swiftly and without warning. How can I be doing these things when I have photographs to edit? How can I watch TV when I have emails to write? I have an internal monologue composed entirely of the things I fear clients must be thinking. In those moments I’m grateful for the lessons learned when I had a “day job.” I did the math last week: 7.5 hours a day, 5 days a week leaves 130.5 hours a week spent NOT working. In that job I never once felt guilty in those 130.5 hours. The emails would wait; the work would wait. And on Monday, we’d speak of what we did on the weekends without shame. Indeed, to leave work behind is normal. To live life is encouraged. We are all striving for balance; to respect and value our families and ourselves as much as the work we do.

This week I will remember those lessons every time the scent of wildflowers wafts across my desk.