Cape Enrage & Fundy Coast Engagement Photography: Rachel & Griffin

I met Rachel at the Wedding Showcase in January, and after a chat we met up the very next day and had a two hour coffee date. Needless to say, we hit it off, and I’ve been looking forward to this session ever since!

Rachel & Griffin are getting married this summer in Fredericton, but they wanted their engagement shoot to happen where they live – in Alma, NB. Since they met in school – Griffin in Forestry, Rachel in Environment – it made sense to have their shoot surrounded by the natural beauty of the Fundy coast. Plus, since Rachel is the manager of Cape Enrage, we got to do something really unique and actually get inside the lighthouse! Talk about a perk!

I loved this session. Tons of laughter, tons of fun, only a little bit of stepping in thorn-ridden fields. And it ended in authentic Alma sticky buns. Yeesss. Thanks Rachel & Griffin! Can’t wait for the wedding. 😀