Cape Enrage | New Brunswick Photographer Kandise Brown

Cape Enrage is a place that AG and I have been meaning to visit for the last three years, but Rachel & Griffin’s engagement shoot was the first time we actually made it. I was pretty worried about the weather leading up to the day (it had been raining non-stop for a week, and the visibility at Cape Enrage is, from what I’ve heard, not great most of the time regardless), so we were really lucky to have a perfect lighthouse day, not to mention Rachel’s guided tour and the added perk of getting to go inside the lighthouse!

Thanks to that trip I’ve learned that the lighthouse is 150 years old, and that the view from it has been named the best in Canada. There’s a new zipline on site, too… I’ll have to go back for that.

The fog horn! Fortunately it did not go off.

The existing lighthouse is actually the second structure… you can see the remnants of the old lighthouse in the lower left of this photo, and the expanse of rock below shows the reason for needing a lighthouse in the first place…