Big Me to Pack for Vegas | Fredericton Wedding Photographer Kandise Brown

Yesterday we returned home from what we’d hoped was a routine visit to the vet with a diagnosis of fleas for one (and oddly, just one) of the cats. Ugh. I should be packing today, but I’m doing that while also bleaching the floors and floorboards, and doing tons and tons of laundry.

On the subject of packing, inspired by my friend Emilia, I put together a little board of what I’m planning for next week.


Some items are exact, and others are approximate!

I’m flying carry-on only for the first time, and I’m planning on keeping things simple – all dresses, all day, every day. I have a few scarves and a lightweight mohair sweater to switch up looks and to keep me warm on the plane; comfortable shoes and classy shoes; notebooks and pens for keeping notes during my classes. With 8+ hours of travel time each way, I need things to stay entertained, so that’s where the knitting and board games comes into play (more than likely we’ll be packing travel Carcassone and a deck of cards, not Snakes & Ladders as depicted!). I’m bringing my 5D with the 24-70 mm lens… it’s heavy, but so flexible. I’m still debating bringing the 50 1.4, but the G12 will also be in my pocket… not to mention Instagram! Thanks to those who’ve gone before I’ve got the tip to bring a water bottle, but other tips from seasoned light-packers are welcome!

For my YouTube video of the week, here’s the thing: we’ve been on a real Foo Fighters kick this week. It started with “Big Me” being a clue on trivia night, and then of course the televised Foo Fighters concert that was the Grammys got “Walk” firmly stuck in my head. I went to the library and checked out all the Foo. It’s been ridiculous. Here’s the video that got us started: