30 Before 30 | Fredericton Wedding and Portrait Photographer Kandise Brown

My 29th birthday was on Saturday. It started with a midnight dance party to Dancing on My Own, complete with back somersault. There was a structurally-devastated-but-delicious pumpkin bundt cake with chocolate glaze, homemade by AG. I had lunch with my grandparents at Isaac’s Way, and dinner and drinks with friends at Lunar Rogue. If this day was in any way indicative of how the next year is going to go, bring it on.


Since next year’s birthday is considered a big one, I decided to put together a goal list of 30 things to do before I turn 30. I actually started writing this list a few months (or years) ago, so I was pleased to already check off a number of things that had been on the draft version: take a French course, register my business, visit New York City, learn to play a song on my guitar. After some thinking, I’ve come up with a new list… and hey – not all goals need to be lofty, or noble. So here they are…

30 BEFORE 30

1. Get re-certified in CPR.
2. Run a 5K from start to finish.
3. Run 1000 km.
4. Get a mani/pedi.
5. Have a picnic. (07/2012)
6. Travel to anywhere not on this continent.
7. Do a road trip. (08/2012)
8. Go to Toronto. (04/2012)
9. Drink a cocktail poolside in Vegas. (02/2012)
10. Write a will.
11. Rewatch all of the Lord of the Rings movies in anticipation of The Hobbit.
12. (Re-)Learn to sew.
13. Finish writing my business plan.
14. Rebrand my business. (06/2012)
15. Have a photography exhibit or showing.
16. Get published in a magazine. (04/2012)
17. Get my film developed.
18. Do 50 pushups.
19. Watch a sports game live. (04/2012)
20. Clean out all of the closets.
21. Organize and store all my photographs.
22. Finish a rug project (that I started over a decade ago).
23. Refinish our bedroom dressers.
24. Win 5 first-place ribbons in the FREX knitting competition.
25. Design and publish two knitting patterns.
26. Take a class or an edVenture. (03/2012)
27. Get a different haircut.
28. Try a new food. (05/2012)
29. Kayak in The Caves at St. Martins. (09/2012)
30. Read 30 books.

What are your goals?