Fredericton Wedding Photography: Paddy & Megs

A dress made from the dresses of family weddings past. Matching purple Converse. (Product placement all over). You could say that Megan burst into tears of joy when she saw her dad for the first time in her dress, but you could also say that Megan burst into tears of joy when she saw her Cheeseburger Happy Meal, and how can we know for sure what really sent her over the edge? Vows were read off iPhones and iPads. (Megan’s reaction to Paddy’s vows: “shut up!”). The gorge lady in red who was the only person who could go toe-to-toe with me when I’m in the midst of wedding feastmode. TARDIS centrepieces and nerd trivia. Rick-rolling the first dance. A bridal party that needs to take their show on the road… so many pictures of people doubled over in laughter. And some serious fashion. So what if there was a downpour in the middle of picture time! The time we had was r.o.c.k.e.d. o.u.t.

Hey, did I mention that the place was just friggin’ swarming with photographers? (No pressure.) People kept asking me if I got “any good pictures,” and I said the same thing every time – “1 or 2.” I guess that’s not really for me to decide. But I do know that I loved this wedding. Every moment, every detail, and every person. My summer 2011 wedding season went out on a really, really, really high note. Thanks for having me.

August 3 FTW. #paddyandmegs. So say we all.

(Listen to this while you’re watching.)


Wedding photography: hibou photo / Venue: UNB Student Union Building Atrium / Catering: Sodexho / Officiant: Robert McDowell / Dress: Joelle Richard of Romantica Nocturnis / The hair, make-up, bouquets, and music were all DIY with family and friends!